A Carbon Conscious Movement.

As a fashion brand, we are aware of our environmental impact and aspire to make our carbon

footprint as small as possible. We know we are not 100% sustainable, but we are committed to

the journey — and want to become a more mindful, eco-friendly brand every day. 

Here’s how we do it.  

We get the facts.

The fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world. It is responsible for 8% of carbon

emissions, contributes to an average of 200M pounds of waste annually, and its “water footprint” of average, everyday clothing is around 20,000 liters. But getting our facts straight isn’t enough; we understand that fashion needs to become more

sustainable — and we want to commit.

Here are three ways we’re making REPLY FORWARD to a more sustainable brand. 

Upcycled fabrics.

As opposed to recycling, where the material has to break down to be reused, upcycling gives

finished products a new purpose. At REPLY FORWARD, we make 25% of our line using

upcycled fabrics. By implementing unused, quality fabrics in our garments, we give them new value and purpose — and minimize waste in the process. In the near future, we plan on using recycled

fabrics as well.

Made in the USA.

We understand the smallest of actions can have a big environmental impact. As climate change

takes center stage, we decided to produce most of our garments in the USA, thus reducing

carbon emissions from overseas production and shipping.

Sustainable packaging.

As far as packaging goes, our materials are all made from recycled material — this includes

mailers, stickers, cards, and inserts. Additionally, our polybags are from recycled poly, and

we’ve actively decided not to include hangtags to avoid contributing to waste.